Friday, August 31, 2012

oh! you pretty things.

I am glad to announce that Moonrise Kingdom has finally come out in Australia. Also I've mentioned this film to most of my friends and they seem at loss to acknowledge its existence (GASP), but I will still be recruiting people to join me in watching it in the cinema, multiple times, even if I have to drag them because I know in the end they will appreciate it. 
I would love to be rambling on about all the mysterious feelings I get from Suzie and her high white socks and collared shift dresses but I feel like I have to witness the film first to get a true insight into its characters. 
Regardless I'm still absorbing myself in characters like Suzie, and Jenny from An Education which I spoke more about in my earlier post. Its sort of 60s school girl muddle at the moment. 
This outfit was mostly inspired by Jenny. You may also notice my flimsy attempt in backcombing my hair. It stayed up for the photos but was in desperate need of some hairspray which I was not willing to apply as my hair has the ability to knock someone out when its drowned in spray. 
 Old shoes of my mums, dress from markets in Vietnam, cardigan is Abercrombie, thrifted purse, random headband. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I don't want to lose my virginity to a piece of fruit.

I assure you now that this post does not consist of fruit as sexual toys or anything related to that matter, it does however, consist of the sweetest, school girl loving, coming of age, classic film 'An Education', which makes me so happy and I seriously cannot express the level of gratitude I have towards Lone Scherfig for creating this perfectly beautiful masterpiece which has completely altered my future 20 year plan now involving meeting an interesting stranger in the streets of England who will, eventually after much wooing, take me to Paris and eat French food, watch French films and read French books. NOW TRY AND READ THAT WITHOUT BREATHING. Yes I am so utterly ecstatic about this film that I wrote 6 lines without a full stop.  
Jenny, the English school girl, finds her much older love David in England and he introduces her to a world she had only dreamed of. 
It is set in 60s which makes it all the more enjoyable and I am now getting all these wistful school girl, 60s inspirations. 
YES I hear you exclaim. Teenage romance is more than a Facebook status change and a movie spent awkwardly holding hands. Thankyou Jenny for giving me faith.
Its just too bad that I am forever alone with my cats. Which I am also allergic to. 

 I want bangs. 

I will be watching this at least 3 more times in the next week. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

basically what we have here is a dreamer.

Today I embraced the long awaited Spring. The hot air whispering is sweet scent, seeping through my body. 
I was totally going to do a creative piece on my love for this weather but that sounded so god damn cheesy I think I would be cringing more than if someone poured ice down my back. Please try and imagine this feeling now and understand the immense gagging I am currently experiencing as I read over that first sentence again. So my resolution: I can either write like a senseless shenanigan or a cheesy bumhole . I choose number one. Also: eliminate any possible hope of being a writer as the reader would rather poor ice down their back than read  your work. 
Good so now you can read on through more of my stupid antics. 
Me havin a lil read. I'm not actually currently reading 'The Virgin Suicides' but for the sake of the photo I had it. At the moment I'm reading 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan which I highly recommend and you should watch the film after, otherwise you have all these former images and pieces of knowledge which ruin the effect of pouring through the book desperately seeking the next thought. 

The outfit I wore today was quite spontaneous. I had no real inspirations in mind and I therefore feel a lack of analysis needed to explain my intentions. Plus, the first sentence of this post has severely diminished my writing confidence. I guess at the moment I am wearing more pants than usual. There's your analysis. 

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I have a twin. Meet Gem, Meg spelt backwards, but I got first preference as a child. Suck it Gem. Look at her jealously staring at me. 
 The crown is my own creation, Topshop sunglasses, Basikke turtle neck, Seed jumper, Ebay shoes, Dries Van Noten pants (unknowingly taken from my mums closet). 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

apfel the night away.

I know that there are thousands of fashion blogs out there each one with their own unique  world of inspirations and styles. Every person grows and develops expression through the way they want to dress. This 'expression' is something I have been struggling with lately. Other people in my school that I know don't really have the same interests in fashion as I do. That doesn't mean I love them any less, I just find myself talking about a subject I'm really passionate about but not really getting the same enthusiasm in response. I don't blame anyone for this. It would be the same as if someone began a conversation with me about football which really I couldn't carry out for very long because I have little to no knowledge on the subject. I think what this all amounts to however is that I don't feel comfortable with what I would like to wear around my friends, and I believe that is one of the main reasons I created this blog. I was seeking a place where I could talk about fashion and inspirations and become more comfortable with expressing myself through what I am wearing. I really do hope that through these discussions and relationships in the blogosphere I can heighten my confidence. 

Todays outfit was very Iris Apfel inspired with her totally eccentric bug eye glasses and voluminous layers of accessories around her neck. 
 Shorts and turtle neck- Bassike, blazer- Dries Van Noten, thrifted blouse.
 The crown is DIY and the sunglasses are Topshop. 
Channelling my inner Iris Apfel was very enjoyable as you can see from my facial expressions. That is something I probably would've done over as Iris has always got a red lipstick smile on her face. But I am a lazy blob who doesn't second check the photos until they are eventually uploaded

Oh Iris you fashion prodigy you. 
These pictures are not my own.
 If everyone expressed themselves through clothes the way dear Iris does then the world be a thousand times better. All hail Iris. Now please excuse me while I go and read this woman's whole life history which is still growing at 90 years old. Plus its her birthday in 3 days. How do I know this off the top of my head. That is one of the many unanswered questions of life. HAHAHAHA.

I'm not crazy. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

gubble bum.

NOT DEAD! The dustpan and broom saved a life this week. If you are reading this and think I am an OCD cleaning freak or something please read my previous post. This week has been very mixed and very disorientating. I've found myself ending up quite lost with no sort of focus. A general vagueness I guess,or as a friend of mine called it 'megness', but overall its made things quite confusing. Nothing specific but just a range of different things. What I do know though is that I was super excited when I finally discovered a book shop that sells DIY Couture, A book filled with instructions for self made clothing gracing its pages. I saw it there on the shelf in all its glory and the DIY list has now extended to great lengths and I think I am set until the day I die. But thats okay! Why? Because even when I am a grandma I will still be spending my time knitting together awesome things for my grandchildren, who, although will find them old fashioned and itchy, will be wearing them for me all the same, forcing a smile on their face to make me happy. And that my friends is what life is all about. 
 I would also like to use my 'daziness' this week as an excuse for the crap photography quality which I didn't really take notice of until now. 
It is also council cleanup this weekend in tha hood so now is when my underlying scavenger comes into play as I forage through the piles of unloved junk. One year I hit the jackpot and found an old Longchamp bag and a trashed pair of skis which me and my friend then decorated to look terribly garish and tacky. Just the way good things are.  

Quick outfit post as well. 
 Again the Paper Wings skirt making an appearance. At first I was inspired by this acid pink theme which I thought was reflected perfectly in my Isabel Marant pink netted top but then I started layering more things on and felt more comfortable in this. Acid pink will be an inspiration for another day. 
I love my mums Marni shoes with the giant buckles on them. They are a sort of ballet flat boot buckle combo which I really appreciate and are also extremely comfortable which only adds to the countless positives they provide. The cardigan is Seed and the purse is thrifted. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

tinsel town.

I've been in DIY craft mode the last couple of days meaning I've been madly stocking up on things like pom poms and pipe cleaners. This also means the the floor of my room is slowly being covered in glitter and soon there will be glitter on everything and I will slowly find myself drowning in glitter. If I am going to die I think that would be a nice way to go but for now I think I'll just get a dustpan and broom. If I can be bothered. If I'm not then I might not make it out alive to post over the next few days so you will know. Stay tuned.

 I'm pretty sure I've worn these overalls 3 days in a row which is saying something. I've have never owned a piece of clothing so comfy and wearable. I tried to take the bottoms of them up myself but because I'm a genius ended up cutting one side too short and ended up sewing it back  on. You can't really tell though. Points for me! 
I've been inspired by western and country style things lately and so overalls were discovered in perfect timing which is a rare event so I am seriously savouring the  moment by wearing them all the time.

My creative self this week has been mostly emerging in these tinsel pipecleaners I bought overly large amounts of. My favourite turnout is this crown I made inspired by Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2011. I discovered the mystery best friends charm in a collection of things from when I was a youngen along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Old cards, paintings and lock of my hair? I don't see why mum still can't remember what my first word was. It was probably something very intellectual like supercalafragalisticexpialdocious. 

As I was saying pipe cleaners have proved a new level of use and I've also done these stars around my room which I'm enjoying. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

my sanctuary.

My main project at the moment, apart from my ever increasing pile of homework I appear to be ignoring, is turning my room into an actual acceptable, nice place to be in. Because currently it is a devils dens, something most people don't seem to appreciate, especially when they dig up my smoothie cup form a few days ago, heh sorry. But as I am now also putting my energy it into my new woman phase, fresh start and what not, a change of scenery is involved. A trip to IKEA the epitome, the KING if you will of cheap home deco, set the motivation for what is now a never ending cycle of ideas running through my head of the sanctuary I want to create for myself most of which I've organised in my book. Sort of like my own little world of ideas and inspirations.

 And now for the newest and most favourite edition..
MINI CACTI! with names. The future names of my children if you will. These things may look sweetly innocent but can I tell you now they can be lethal. I spent the car trip home trying to avoid the surprisingly sharp spikes protruding out of them and also managed to spill half of Gary's, yes I refer to them in this way, soil so I am going to be surprised if they last longer than a few months but I've researched it a bit and they should only need watering every few days. But because I am overly kind and caring I've been pretty much drowning them every day. Stay strong cacti, stay strong. 

My mum decided to grace me with this felted pom pom string thing which I'm sure could be easily created through DIY and I'm itching to try it. I do however have a long list of DIY's which I am keen as a bean to do as well. A keen bean. Yes its a phrase. 

Some progress but still so much more I want to do. Throwing pipe cleaners, flowers and glitter everywhere would make me happy but I feel I should put a bit more effort into it. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

cusp- say it cussppp

Please if anyone in this world has not seen the hilariously funny show Miranda, GO AND FIND IT AND WATCH IT. Because I am a slug my friend and I watched the 2 seasons all in one day and I have never laughed so much in my life. Here is a snap of what you are missing out on. 
New life goal. 

This is me just walking around my garden. Being cool and all dat ya know? 
I am now forever wearing my Linda Farrow sunglasses and Paper Wings skirt. The broach I made myself in tech because I would otherwise be spending me time focusing on how on earth I supposed to make that intricately embellished top/dress/I dont know.
"It's easy. Just give it a go."
No it not. Definitely not. 

I don't know what it is but my neutral face seems to appear really bitchfacey. Note to self* constantly smile. I'm wear a glittery navy cardigan from Seed and a top I thrifted from Vinnies which hasn't gotten its fair share of usage. Probably because I like to wear it over layers of tops and it literally stops me from breathing when I do. 
I like to call this the 'Muffin Hair'. Please fight back your urges to copy this new do. Basically go to bed with your hair wet,wake up and there you go! A bomb has exploded in your head and gee don't you just look a charm.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

margot 101

My brain has officially turned to mush i carnt evann tipee propelyy s0 thi$ mite b short. 
Once again it seems I've taken a likening to my mums closet so I've stolen her tights, loafers and cardigan. The skirt is from Spoilt Rotten and is my favourite skirt EVER and one day I will make a stuffed toy which replicates the one printed on it. The vest is from Vinnies and the necklace I ordered on Etsy which is seriously why my brain has turned to mush because ever since I discovered that beautiful world of vintage everything I have spent hours on it. 

I found the perfect Margot Tenenbaum coat at the markets the other day but I looked like bum hole in it and could imagine anyone but dear old Margot in such a nice coat and there were no Margot look-a-likes around so I sadly place it back.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

after hours.

So I totally stayed up late tonight just so I could get around to posting this because it needed to be done and would be otherwise constantly nagging at my mind and so on. I don't know how many other schools do the whole fashion parade deal but mine does and there's nothing I love better than putting on the ill fitting outfit I made and walking down the runway with a thousand people staring at you. I kid, it only feels like a thousand.  But even after all that pain I can still bring myself to post it here because although my  textiles garments somehow always turn out quite disproportionate I am somewhat proud of this one if I do say so myself. 

And can everyone please appreciate my bejewelled Jesus sandals. Thankyou. 
Although the photo does show it terribly well there are 3 layers of black fringing and then I wore some lace shorts underneath (which I did not make and were the only thing that fit me properly). Unfortunately I needed a bit more boobage to fit the corset part properly, but a gal can't have everything. After two nights of mad rushing, pins, needles and beads flying everywhere and mad praising of the bejewelled Jesus sandals I'm glad to settle back down to being a fat slob again and doing nothing. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

bubble blowing hippies.

Last Sunday finally felt like spring was on its way, and I seriously don't think anyone on the planet knows how much I am craving warm weather. Good because when it comes I am going to have a secret rejoicement, (rejoicement is not a word) party in my room and dance to spring songs and smell the flowers and do all that stereotypical spring time stuff people write about. 
I like to call the beautiful bright yellow chequered pants my clown pants. Firstly because they are quite oversized on me a secondly they are yellow and chequered and should be appreciated for it. I got them at the markets the day before. 

And because I am just so artistically talented and obsessed with bubbles I spent a good amount of time photographing bubbles in my backyard. This is also because I have no friends and nothing better to do with my time.  

Meg over and out.