Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy hall.. candy please.

Australian Halloween feels very dispirited for too many reasons and it honestly makes me sad that I can't experience all these Halloween inspirations through more than images on my computer. 
Nevertheless here is what I do look at in my time of great sorrow.

And of course who could forget... 
Beliebers out there beware 
None of these images are my own

Monday, October 29, 2012

this is why i am here.

Me: Hi bloggers of the world!
Blogosphere: Well hi, how are you?
Me: Not too good actually, you see, I just fainted 
Blogosphere: My gosh why?!
Me: I was reading a magazine and I came across this 

None of these images are my own. 
Blogosphere faints
Its is like I have been opened to a world of tribal fairy princesses, Molly Goddard has a new place in my heart. 

Brief posts at the moment because I have exams, and I know you really wanted to know that. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

sunday is not a fun day.

Do I look like Daria? Tell me I look like Daria. If you just imagine I am wearing a green blazer and giant Harry Potter glasses then you would totally see that I am channelling Daria, facial expressions and all.
Vest is Seed, top is Marni, vintage skirt and green vintage school shoes. 
I'm still really feeling Marie Antoinettness but I don't really have an abundance of pastel cakey colours so I suppose this is just my own interpretation.  

 The earrings are from when I travelled to New Delhi, India and the clip... yeah I don't know. 
That is not a pout... not a pout and if I ever hear, or see in words, any one of you repeating the phrase "When in doubt peace and pout" then don't be surprised to find a Gremlin at the end of bed.

Has anyone ever seen Gremlins? That film is not right, I mean what kid wouldn't be haunted by THAT. 
And because this is my blog of inspirations and all that jazz it is extremely relevant that I show you my new and improved cacti, Phillis is flowering guys. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Cautionary Tale by Meadham Kirchoff.

Wikipedia definition: Cautionary tale is a tale told in folklore, to warn its hearer of a danger.

We all know Wikipedia can sometimes you know, lie to us. I do faintly remember when I was young feeling ultimately rebellious when a friend and I posted a totally irrelevant message at the bottom of a Wikipedia page. We later deleted it from our inability to cope with our own unruliness. But yes, moving on. This cautionary tale begins with a foreboding tune that sounds like it's coming from a music box and makes me feel all wistful at the same time. And it could not have arrived at a more perfect time after watching Marie Antoinette. The setting is  decorated with pastel coloured cakes and flowers and bows. The first piece reminds me of Little Bo Peep and after that I couldn't possibly give you an overarching description of what I saw because each outfit seems to have its own character. I guess I could say it feels like Marie Antoinette with the wall papers, cakes, pastel colours, bows, full skirts, colourful kitten heels and the embroidered flowers on the skirts and dresses. I could also say there was an essence of folklore and storytelling; it really goes on forever in all its glory so I suggest instead to watch this tale and form the ideas for yourself. 
The photo is linked to it...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

let them eat cake.

I couldn't watch Marie Antoinette by the one and only Sofia Coppola and not take on her whole persona and demand my sister serve me √©clairs and macaroons. Well actually I couldn't do that but I was very much inspired by the beautiful costumes and candy pinks and blues in everything she owned as well as the detailed presentations of shoes and cakes and fabrics OH MY! Not to mention feathers and the ruffled skirts 2 metres in diameter. 

 Shoes are Funkis, vintage dress. The feathers around my hair were part of a costume I found and I pinned some old ribbon around my neck and some fake flowers on my dress. 
Sometimes I do consider myself  hoarder as I can never bring myself to throw possessions away. There is always that voice nagging you, 'You never know what you might need it for' which evidently saved me these fake flowers which I stuck on my shoes.
 Shoes.. and cakes. 
 Ribbons around her neck.
 The wallpaper and the print on her dress, and again the neck ribbons AND POWDERED HAIR. 
 Pastel pinks and blues.
Images are taken from film.
Cake, candy colours. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

through the looking glass.

In terms of school subjects I'm pretty hopeless at anything that involves numbers, so I have turned my focus to art based subjects. I did some surrealist photography in art which plays with the idea of human's imaginations and depicts illusions. Mine tells a story but I would like to leave interpretation open. I am a major technology rookie so using Photoshop was basically me attacking the computer frustratedly demanding it to perform a task. Luckily my good natured sister calmed me down and with the click of a few buttons worked magic. She's also the character in my photographs. 
My sister Imogen ended up spending the  majority of her time balancing on her arms, her legs being held up by my dad. I think she was quite perplexed as to what on earth she was doing it for but you are just lyke the bestest sista eva if you are reading this Immie. I made her look all angsty and troubled and please notice the absence of her legs in the shot with the gwitar. And I started playing guitar last week! And my teacher is an English cool cat who lives for the tunes! He has a guitar pick with fire on it; that says something. 
My rookie Photoshopping skills are more evident here but hey, what are you going to do if you accidentally erase the mouth. Well I'll tell you what I didn't do which is try and draw it back on once I had printed it and then just further damage it in the process, resulting in a second print. I'm trying to be humorous but maybe today is just not my day. 
This was a futuristic costume me and two other girls made in textiles which my friend here is modelling very seductively for you. I suppose its very 50s as well and what the photo doesn't reveal is that it take about 5 minutes to put on and 10 to take off. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

kilt me.

Knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interruping co..MOO! 
Your laughing so hard you can't even read this post properly, so don't even try and deny that, that wasn't the best knock-knock joke you've ever heard. It will have kids trailing behind you in a Chinese dragon formation. Forget that sentence. Why am I voluntarily embarrassing myself on the internet. 
Well I wore a semi-kilt, guys I'm so hip, with the times yo. 
 Pallet 8 cardigan, Dries Van Noten top, dress from mum, socks?, vintage shoes. 
The top is the epitome of witchyness.
 Experimenting with my face has become more evident and I can't do it for school so I try and make it as weird and obnoxious as possible on weekends. 
Today felt mostly inspired by this video based on Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. I never believed that an an event like this with a gathering of carefree and eccentric people who live to the heights of self-expression existed in this world. Honestly though, when I first watched it, I thought it was some special set-up for the purpose of the film but after some researching I found that it was filmed at a festival called Burning Man. For one week in the year over 48,000 people meet together in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. I think the whole event is hard to capture because it really is unlike anything else in the world. I see it as this city or world full of art constructed by it citizens and there are no rules but everyone simply expresses themselves and no one judges anyone. WHY CAN'T WE ALL LIVE SO SPONTANEOUSLY. Once I'm finished school you will find me at Burning Man. 
Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to great places. Your up and away!

Dr. Seuss deserves a large scale shrine or a McDonalds burger named after him. Something that is meaningful to this 21st century population. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

International Day of the Girl.

The past week has involved very fired up discussions about feminism as our new English topic involves 'Fashioning Feminism'. Pun intended. I have never been very involved in feminist movements and speaking out about the issue but this week has given me a lot to think about and the the truly complex nature of the oppression women are still suffering under. 
Today was about recognising the International Day of the Girl and I go to an all girls school so it was made very clear that today was one to be noted. 
Today celebrates the first UN Day of the Girl and the speak out against gender prejudice.
The website illustrates 11 simple things you can do to support the movement to improve the lives of girl and I am so utterly FIRED UP right now that I am literally making a check list.
So get ready 
Self-made crown, hand-me-down skirt, vintage top, the superman cape was in my dress up box and I have no idea where it came from. 

And of course on a more serious note. 
It's hard to challenge the social norm views of gender roles. As soon as we are born we subconsciously mimic the things we see. This means the thousands of images of models and the ideal woman  are something many women try to obtain, even though in actual fact there is almost no one in the whole of the population of women who can reflect this "narrow scope" of an image. And this is often a known fact within our culture, yet we judge ourselves and other people who do not meet it. 
Society is based on the division of men a women. A girl in my class shared how she went to Tanzania and there was no word for men and women but instead there was only one term and I was utterly mind.blown. when really I think something like that shouldn't be so surprising. 
I know its only been one week, but I have grown so much more comfortable with myself as a person and as a girl. Being a person does not involve acting like a male or a female but expressing yourself in any way you wish, and I think that is what challenging the oppression of women should involve. 

Yeah I know you guys are seriously emotional right now but this rant/discussion/some other third thing needed to be released from the cage, and I need to pay tribute to my class as they  triggered this whole discussion. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


Well I guess my 16th was spent watching MTV's Sweet Sixteen reality show following soon to be 16 year olds around who spend thousands of dollars are on a nice hot pink, diamant√© dress and give out exclusive invitations given out in front  of the whole school. Yes its all very special and heart warming. I don't want to spend a whole post talking about my birthday which was nice and uneventful but there are a few things that need attention. 
Firstly, my ingenious mother suggested I light up candles in my pipe cleaner crown. We both though this was a brilliant idea until we realised the risk of my hair catching fire. Nevertheless I'm so much of a rebel that I did it anyway. Yeah, screw the system!
Secondly, because I am materialistic and determined to make my room a 60s sanctuary AND because birthdays have their perks, I am currently listening to Neil Young on a RECORD PLAYER in MY OWN ROOM. 
And thirdly on my very unsweetended, less than $1000 spent 16th I wore a vintage top and skirt, my pipe cleaner crown, a vest from Seed and shoes my brother gave me from Nu by Neo. 
 This skirt always makes me feel like Audrey from Twin Peaks. 
Robot/Lego necklace from Monster Threads, others from my mum. 
Yep I did just dedicate a whole post to my birthday which should be celebrated on a worldwide scale. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


Spring break WEOW. Unfortunately this sudden spike in temperatures hasn't left me in a wonderful state so I have spent my time locked in my room thinking about my birthday. WHICH IS TOMORROW. I was deeply pondering the idea of this day we call our 'birthday'. It's a nice thing to celebrate, the day you came in into this world. Did I really just say that. It's a hard thing to explain without sounding like I'm preaching to you all but it's not only the day that you think of as your new age and year but also just you being here with everyone you know and the people you have grown up with. This year I think my coming of age has become more apparent. Gifts and other things are less, I mean not that much less, on my mind. That's what I tell myself as I drop hints to my mum about those shoes we saw the other day. 
Get crafty, you can interpret this in any way like ;). I'm now focusing on the smaller details of my room which means applying glitter to everything. I decorated these candles today. I haven't done crafty things in a while so it was nice to renew my glue gun burns and peel the dried PVA glue of my hands (it's really quite satisfying, and it never gets old). 

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I was in New Zealand for a week these holidays and we went to see the World of Wearable Art show (WOW)  in Wellington which was so truly dazzling and was like nothing else I have ever seen. My dad questioned me whether there is a difference between fashion and wearable art. I was stuck to be honest. I've always found fashion a form of art and design but this show created a world of eccentric and innovative costumes which deserve there own category. 
This was the winner of all the 'weird and wonderful creations'.