Wednesday, November 21, 2012

workplace wonderland.

Work experience: Day 3
The days are getting longer, every hour is more of a struggle than the last. Only one break for food, my stomach echoes through the office as I crave my packed lunch. Everyone else buys their lunch. I am shunned from the cool office lunchtime gang. Tomorrow brings a new day of challenges, I hope I don't breakdown. I can still stay strong!
As much as I had hoped that my work experience in the office this week would pan out something like this...

The result seemed more like this...
I don't belong here! But really it wasn't as bad as I previously exaggerated. Now I just need to find myself some nice office jokes to pull on my fellow colleagues. 
Being put in this adult environment where emails are sent to communicate to the person next to you I found myself obsessing over childhood inspirations like Alice in Wonderland. 
Marc by Marc Jacobs top, Paper Wings skirt, socks unknown
I endured many spiders.
Pondering life. 
I loved gathering all these childhood trinkets like your mums pearls that you wore went you were 5 and my Lego piece necklace from Monster Threads. And as much as I would like to turn up like a dazed 16 year old whose only thoughts are Lego, wonderland, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy experiencing the office life requires some actual attention and work so all my energy has been spent. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

coldplay in thom browne.

Hi. Before you draw conclusions I am suffering from post-Coldplay-depression. To try and establish the impact that concert had on me could be described by saying that even if you truly loathe Coldplay and their music you would have tears of happiness in your eyes at the end of the night. It really was the best night of my life and I am sitting on me street tonight hearing their second performance far away and feeling immense sadness that it's all over. 
More importantly my Coldplay outfit was inspired by the Thom Browne Fall 2012 collection.
The first one uses typically businesslike fabrics that you see in suits and ties, and then you see the fox and your whole world spins. Combining the grey monochromatic colours into something playful. Fox scarves were definitely the cherry on top of THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Maybe it was because I was passive smoking around all the stoners. 
No.... those feelings were real!
Fox scarf, mauve skirt and socks are unknown, home-made cheque skirt, Marni pants, Mona  & Holly dress, Converse.
Oh and I got bangs which are kind of at their low in this photo from wet hair. The fox scarf reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox and the rest of the clothing was in attempt to contrast with the scarf with the monochromatic colours and the more seriousness connotations. Oh and converse.. 
Me and 'Fanny', what my friend insisted the fox should be called, felt very at home in among the stoners and fireworks and music of the night. 
I have watched this video too many times to try and recreate the experience.
A concert as large scale as this generally has that lack of intimacy between the audience and the performers but there was something about Chris Martin that made every audience member feel like they were friends going way back. His energy never died and the show was beautiful. The audience all had these synchronised light-up bracelets which shone out like illuminated confetti. 

Don't Panic

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

rei rei reiiiieierieieie rei i.

It just makes me want to sing a song in great happiness. REI REi rei REIII why are you so fly? 
Sorry, obviously I'm high, ON REI KAWAKUBO
Okay okay here's a question, what do you get when you cross an 80's bag lady, with the ice princess version of Rapunzel and nicely arranged debris.
Whenever I first witness a Comme Des Garcon collection I can never even begin to comprehend the meaning and its impact on me as a viewer. It all seems so profound or so relaxed in the statement her collections are communicating. To see pieces of half coats and sleeves and loose bows and ruffles hanging spontaneously to create actual clothes felt like the resurfacing of invention. To always be using sleeves for your arms and coats for over your shoulders and back is so like last year. So why not gather up your laundry pile and throw it on yourself and just embrace the I don't give a shit riot kid inventiveness of the look.

Not to mention the also sharper statements when black was introduced to wake up all those stoned from Rei Kawakubo, such as myself. To use the same ideas with loose ruffles and de constructed pieces of clothing changed the tone. And yes colour does generally change the tone, please hold back your critical comments I CAN'T HELP IT IF I HIGH ON BAG LADY DELIGHT. The darkness did provoke the change from the more pure and lightly applied tulles and satins reminding me of the ideas and the underlying nature that the clothes should explore. 
And of course then more reminders of the beauty of garbage and Ghost World. 
The world would be a better place if we could all walk around in Enid's shoes and wear Japanese lemonade boxes on our heads. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

global week of action.

Tomorrow (13th) marks the start of World Vision's Global Week of Action for Child Health Now. 6.9 million children each year under 5 years old die from easily preventable diseases like malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea and this week and this campaign aims to create awareness about this and call on world leaders to change the health conditions of children in developing countries. It is so easy to take action in this I would really urge you to do this and spread the message through your own blogs PLEASE. To know only around 20% of the worlds population have health security needs to be changed. 

This video should give you a better explanation 

You can post your own photo here:

Please do it! And spread it as much as you can this week please it would be appreciated so much and will help create change for children who struggle to make it to 5 years old. The aim was 500,000 people and so far 167, 382 people have responded. 
DO IT NOW or don't make me remind you about the Gremlin that lives at the end of your bed. And sharing it around and encouraging it on Facebook and so forth would also be a small but powerful action. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY lamp shade.

Answer me this, why study for your exams when there is ample opportunity to decorate your own lamp. Creating something has this immense joy and satisfaction when it all turns out right (which for me is only half the time). DIY is the cheap glue gun to my heart and I have multiple burn scars to prove and I hope all the fake flower loving inventors out there can say the same. 
For starters...
-fake flowers (spotlight, $2 shops, IKEA YAY)
-cheap lamp, I got  $12 one from target 
-glue gun with too many glue sticks
-felt, cut into flower shapes 
So next just stick it all with a glue gun however your heart desires. I'm sure there is a more accurate and detailed description of how to go about this but a) I forgot to take pictures of the process and b) I figure the general idea is evident. 
(said in cheesy advert voice) And for those advanced in the craft department you cant take this DIY creation to the next level with additional felt flowers hanging on string and along the rim of the lamp shade using, once again, a glue gun. 
And because I can I glued some leaves on the stand.
I'm in a really unforgiving mood and I just can't bring myself to accept my sisters attempt at that last photo. I am cruel.
DIY's generally don't turn out like the weird and wonderful creations my head conspires so I felt like this one was worth posting. 

A lot of the inspiration came from here. Greenpeace didn't even know you could make a light out of plastic bottles and spoons. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

i ciant tawk riyte niow.

Karl Lagerfeld sometimes sees his designs in his dreams and the same can happen for people but in different forms. So basically pay attention to your dreams cause some weird shit might happen but it could spark an idea. 
I dreamt that I did this makeup on my face and it looked way better in my mind. 

The other eye was a product of boredom, go figure. 
Necklace was a gift, Topshop top, thrifted vest, skirt mum made, old cardigan not sure where its from, broach I made and Nike shoes.
Halloweeny inspirations are taking flight in a creepy subtle way which leaves me almost to scared to look in the mirror. OH THE HORROR. Ah! I just looked again. I am having fun experimenting with these Nike high tops I got on sale at a warehouse. They add a special riot/gangsta flare. Yeah brutha. I just synonymed gangsta in the hope of finding a better word and I got 'gangstafabulous' so there you go. 

And saving the best for last. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Grandma! I would like to build a shrine around it. Its a bible for life and don't deny it. I didn't realise how excited I would actually be until it arrived and then each page and UHHH. The best part was finding a record hidden in the middle of it. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

the little black jacket.

Stumbling upon something truly by luck can make your day just that much better which is what happened when I found The Little Black Jacket exhibition in Sydney. The photographs, taken by Karl Lagerfeld, are of the only too well known Chanel black tweed jacket which has made its mark throughout the generations since its iconic creation. 
Unaware of the fact that this amazing exhibition was being presented in Sydney and then finding that it was presented right before me AND THEN discovering it was free AND THEN what would a Chanel exhibition be without complementary posters of some of the photographs, including Elle Fanning GASP. 
This jacket lives on now because it can be worn and lived through so many different personas. Going through the photographs people had decorated and presented the jacket through their own ideas and seeing it like this created each persons character. It was something unique to see and I am truly grateful to the higher power that lead me to it. 
You don't even have to see the name to know who this world dominating woman is. You can just stare magnificently and the back of my lavishly tamed bob and bow down. But on a serious note, the photograph does provoke that power and influence she holds. 

Photos are not my own
The photographs of Yoko Uno were definitely my favourite. There was a film alongside it called 'The Secret of my Long Life'. It all felt so free spirited. The way she wore the jacket was so simply different from all of the other photographs and the movement and shapes she created with it were emotional moving to say the least. It was beautiful to see how the jacket existed through her and other people.