Thursday, December 13, 2012

fat pink faces.

I will try and keep this brief. I am currently on a ski training in Canada for a couple of months which I am extremely happy and exhilarated by because I am skiing almost everyday and I totally know all of the different Canadian coins now, the initial attempt was giving laying all my coinage out on the desk and allowing the shop person to do the math themselves. 
So I can't get internet on my own laptop #firstworldproblems, and now I'm hashtagging in childish denial #ohwell and slyly trying to write this on my roomies laptop. 
So in terms of what I'm wearing its generally just this #hotanddangerous
Plus the 3 other tops I packed seeing as my family had already paid for 3 extra bags in advance. Basically this blog will not be in the full swing I would like it to be at the moment but it's therapeutic for me among all these top gun speed racers so I will find the time. Again though I am loving it here so I can't complain. 
As a result I haven't been paying much attention to inspirations and blah because the routine involves 6:30am wake up and then after training, eating, tuning, sleeping, watching training videos, sleeping, eating, eating all you want to do is sleep. 

Listening to lots of Radiohead has provoked creepy, wonderland doll inspirations which means ribbons and big eyelashes in a plastic-y stare-into-your-soul kind of detail.

I don't know if its the the "souuullll knobbbb" or the fact that the person who uploaded this video is called BinkieMcFartnuggets (future pet name?) that makes it so obsessive. 

2 Pcs Cute Creepy Acrylic Letters Decoden

Blythe dolls..

Etsy again..

Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead