Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i defy you stars.

Sleeping patterns are weird things. Its like sometimes I feel so tired that I'm overly energetic and I don't know if this is one of my many abnormal traits or if its a common thing. And then whenever its a school morning I suddenly have the demanding need to sleep in but when it comes to the weekend I cant lay there for more than 10 minutes after I have woken up. As I write this I have the I am getting a strong urge to catch some zzz's and have been for the last few days so my outfits have been, well, unexciting...looking back. It's like I've been too tired to be inspired. Did I just write an unintentional rhyme? 
What has been taking up a lot of my time is this project me and my friend are doing for english in relation to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. We had to pick a theme in the play and represent it in any way we wished. Out teacher used interpretive dance as an example so I'm hoping 'any way we wished' covers a wide range of expressive techniques.
Our theme was fate and Calvinism and we settled on doing a bit of photography not to mention intense editing.

Tell me what you think?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hello my pretties

Marimekko x Converse. Why was this not discovered before. My mouth is watering over these incredible creations. There's a shop called Nordic Fusion near my house which sells a whole lot of Marimekko products and I literally trip over every time I walk past it in awe of their fabrics and designs, and the all the kids looking out the window from the bus give me that, your a messed up kid kind of look and I return a can you not see what I am looking at kind of look and all along I know I am right because Marimekko is so genius its ingenius. I just hope my baby sitting money covers the cost of these babies.

The high-top ones with the geometric triangles very much take my fancy. Which ones do you like? I want to hear what you guys think about them. Feel free to comment away! And if anyone has any idea on how to centre my header image any advice is appreciated. Even the wise one we call Google has failed me this time.

cardboard and tulle.

I discovered this photos from my friends birthday party last year, and unlike other parties where I tend to stuff my mouth with every piece of junk food with my sight range I think this one was more of a 'fundecational' and extremely entertaining one. And when I say entertaining everyone must understand that I'm not referring the kind when a magician comes and teaches you rigged tricks which he actually calls 'magic'. Shame on you sir. Shame on you.

The whole idea was that we were put into groups and we were given a theme which we then used to design and create an outfit. The theme was.....
You are exited now aren't you. Among the odd combinations of materials we found we managed to complete this...

It ended up steering more towards a gothic fairy look which I found satisying anyways. I'd say Lada Gaga would consider it. Wouldn't you?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the geeks were right.

During my usual afternoon routine I had this wondrous need to dress up as a geek/dork. And although I find classified as these two things anyway, I had the urge to really get into character.

Now I will put on my smart voice and carry my calculator around with me and if someone tries to give me a look ill quickly do some mad equation on my top of line calculator and rub it in their face. 
If only I had a brain. Don't worry scarecrow I'm pretty sure we are in the same boat here. 
Here's a song that I'm pretty sure contributed to my spontaneous desire to be like a geek, so here's a tribute to geeks and dorks all around the world! Because everyone wants to be like you. 


Yay! I actually completed my to do list, my life relies on these, from my last post. This is actually a very proud moment. 

Long grey socks and klumpy shoes. I feel accomplished.

I got the socks from American Apparel and in the words of Vanessa Amorosi, I was a woman on a mission. I saw them from a distance and may have literally knocked down everything in my way to get to them. The shoes are my mums Marni ones which meant they were only used for the photos and with 'supervision' as I don't have a brilliant record with my my mums clothes; rips and misplacement comes to mind. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

why cant they just be quiet.

 I am very proud to announce that I have actually achieved something in my 14 years of living. This is legit people. 
I have made my own dress. No patterns. Just weird combinations of fabric and thread that my mind somehow came up with. 

I found the woolly, chequered fabric at 'The Fabric Store' a few weeks ago during my mission to find the perfect fabric for my 70s tech jumpsuit. I loved it so much I had to get it and after it sat in the corner of my room for a week, staring at me I had to give in. I started the top half first and the sleeves were major issue and still crumple up underneath my arm when I wear it. The pleated bottom half turned out to actually be the easier part of the whole operation (note that I did not say it was actually easy). 

I want to get some long, grey socks and some clumpy shoes to wear with it and prance around the house in my own immature delight.

Today I bought this chain necklace at a shop called 'Monster Threads' (also worn above). I can only imagine the minds of people who can come up with these names. Who would have known.. monster.. and then... threads. Its mind bogglingly ingenious. Its not like you can just put two words together like 'robot' and 'apple'. But a robot apple would kind of cool if you think about it. Getting to the point, I am getting the feeling that I will be wearing this necklace day and night. I'll hide it under my uniform when I go to school and gaze at it all day long.

Monday, March 14, 2011

bernard willhelm.

Before I ramble on about my excuses for not posting for a ...while.. heh.. heh... LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.




thou has't not seen true amazingness till this day 
Apologies Shakespeare if that didn't quite do justice to your epic playwriting skills but if you were alive right now and saw what you were about to see than I think you would forget about that..

first there was Spring Summer 2011 

^^^oh the tights^^^^

              oh the shoes^^^                                         and pleassee lets pay tribute these magnificent                                                      
                                                                                                  creations ^^^




Its like being in the real world, but then falling down the mystical hole and eating the cakes hat make you bigger and smaller so you can get the magical key that lets you into.....Bernard Willhelm Wonderland. I love the way the fabrics are combined so freely using completely different patterns and colours to create these bulky, abstract looks. You could stare at them for hours on end attempting to understand them but however hard try you will never succeed. MWAHAHA. The face makeup reminded me of 'The Grudge', in a good way, and pairing it with the colourful mass of draping fabrics balances it all out to create a sort of kooky creepiness, which I am very much enjoying to observe if you hadn't already noticed. 

Alice in Wonderland would be proud...

Here is my plan:
  • grow my hair long so I can put it into plaits and attach goldfishes to them
  • pull together all my life saving and buy a big, white furry jumper from Bernard Willhelm
  • get some electric blue lipstick 
Must be done ASAP!

And for the finale...

Stripes, hearts, goldfish and more stripes. I found the clever incorporation of the 'roadwork stripes' combined with the colourful checks and the and the netted top created this punk/Avril Lavigne illusion, which however much I do not enjoy Avril Lavigne's fairy punk combinations work out well here in an edgier way. 
I'm also proud to say I have discovered a new found accessory... 
I know you are truly mesmerised at this moment. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

Today a girl called Skye Bortoli came to our school to speak to us about anti-whaling, all in the theme of International Womens Day. Her speech, outlining her true passion for stopping whale cruelty and whaling since the age of 11 to her current age 17, was very inspiring and I somehow found myself tuned into the whole thing rather than listening to the first few sentences and then going into a deep daze about the outfits I could be wearing at this moment in time which is generally my normal routine when someone at our school is making a speech. I just can't help it. Its not that it was a bad speech or anything along those lines my brain just doesn't function for more than 10 seconds unless its in complete, intense concentration mode. Moving on, the main message was to 'follow your dreams' and 'fight for what you believe in' and however clique it is, it really gave me some food for thought, so lets all support International Womens Day and fight for women all over the world. 

Its on Tuesday, 8 March. So its TOMORROW. Where a splash of purple and make a donation.


I know, your shaking in your boots right? I seem to be going through some weird scaring people phase at the moment. BE WARNED. I could be standing behind you right now.

Now, now, now, where were we. Ahhh Yes.  I was inspired by my sisters fish ornament she got for Christmas for this outfit (scroll down to be hypnotised by its dazzling coolness). I don't really know what I was aiming for with the facial expressions but hey what can ya do (pretty sure I'm going through a slang phase as well) <<< any maybe a bracket phase? I'm completely in love with this little harajuku/doll bow my friend got for me from china town which I have recently discovered to be an abundant source of delightfully interesting clothes and accessories. Anyways, I'm planning on wearing it to International Women's Day. 
Please support it!

Here's a better look at the flying fish. 

Wow these facial expressions are really getting -creative- and lets leave it at that. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

feel the punch.

I haven't yet accepted that summer is now coming to an end so just to lighten my spirits, and anyone else whose in the same melancholy mood, here are a few summer inspirations...