Monday, April 22, 2013

Christopher Kane Fall 2013.

I want to say that I always enjoy looking through Christopher Kane, and that there is a prominent message or thread throughout each collection that resonates. I don't want to grant anything with the word 'always' but generally that is how I feel about Christopher Kane. Having a bad day? Well my friend, I'll tell you, go have a browse of some CK, that'll provoke some thought and satisfaction. Galaxy leggings you say? Ahh let me tell you where it all began. BUT (and here it is) I had really mixed feeling about this collection. Firstly it was a total explosion of ideas and work resulting in 60 looks on the runway, and just very different to anything I've seen from him. The first 12 looks had me in a weird trance. I associate Christopher Kane with glassiness, cleanness and childlike qualities and then it was all like FUR, VELVET, FEATHERS AND FLOWERS AND KILTS AND RUFFLES and a big clashing of things and ideas which isn't always bad thing but I appreciated how the collections would have a kind of universal thread. 
There are a lot pieces I like individually and some that I really don't. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. There is so much I am trying to articulate right now but it's not coming out. The the metallicy camo print made an interesting contrast with the structured shapes and bounding appearances of leather and fur. Then it progressed onto witchy velvet dresses which were nice but again nothing as intriguing as what CK has struck before. 
It was looks like this that threw me off that felt more or less like a confusion or combination of Topshop and designer collaborations with jumper scrunched up sleeves and the delicate flowers and skirt. Looking over it again I liked it but it felt like 3 collections thrown together. 
My favourites:
The brain illustration is my favourite part and only in a few of the looks playing with the ideas of Frankenstein from his Spring collection. They are all colourful and you know, bursting with all those parts of our noggins so maybe that was in fact what the collection was about. All of these bursting ideas, colours and aesthetics. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

red lipstick diaries.

I am too tired to write much right now but in short: love hearts, pearls, hazy pinks and purples, Lolita 1962 and 1997 films, Vogue Italia April 1992, lipstick, hair braids, frills, bubblegum, kitschy things, saddle shoes, sequins and sparkles, cherry coke, lollipops and white socks. 

Lines from the book:
"...huge trees would advance to us to cluster self-consciously by the roadside and provide a bit of humanitarian shade about a picnic table, with sun flecks, flattened paper cups, samaras and discarded ice-cream sticks littering the brown ground"
"She watched the listless pale fountain girl put in the ice, pour in the coke, add the cherry syrup-and my hear was bursting with love ache."
"Some of the red had left stains on her front teeth..."
"-and with a yell of amorous vernal laughter she slapped  the glossy bole and tore uphill, to the end of the street, and then rode back, feet at rest on stopped pedals, posture relaxed, one hand dreaming on her flower-printed lap."

Pearls from Vietnam, DIY 'cool beans' necklace, Anthropology clip.

Topshop sunglasses, Isabel Marant pink top, vintage skirt, bracelet was a gift, Nars lipstick.

White converse, Happy Socks, white Dosa top plus things already mentioned. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

werewolf bar mitzvah spooky scary.

It's still sunny! Why is it still sunny?! I love it and all but I'm afraid that we will have to endure some bitter decline into the freezing depths of and ice age after this prolonged paradise. Emerging from my gloomy cocoon of essays and maths this is the only image from Spring 2013 that I have let myself witness. 
Miu Miu Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear
SO PRETTY. I feel like I've missed the dreamy side of myself for a while so it is then time to indulge in some fashion week and, of course, werewolf bar mitzvah

How do I make the darned video bigger?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lolita, light of my life.

I have had this undying obsession ever since I picked up Lolita (a red squiggly line just appeared under that word and I think I will be writing to the english dictionary as to why it is not acceptable) that my future child must claim this name! (as well as my other children who will be Rainbow-pompom and Apple or whatever those hip celebs are tending these dayz). I have exclaimed this desire to many people so far and generally the reaction is to relate straight back to sexual abuse and maniacs but its just sooooo beautiful. I suppose the narrator is so obsessed with the even just the sound of the name that I have followed suite. Its the name. "Loleeta". And after reading the first page of the novel five times over and turning into a sobbing pathetic mess I confess I loved it. 
A quote I read from Flower's blog reminded me of the painful nostalgia the narrator suffers from which drives his desires:
"Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in Spring" - Vladimir Nabokov
It has just all got me thinking, not really thoughts I cant articulate at the moment.
I'm going to finish it before I watch either of the movies, and I am intending on growing my hair for as long as it takes so that I can where it just like Lo (we r tight, dat's her nickname). 

I took these in another world, as in I cannot remember when and how or anything but they are on my computer so in the only spare time I have had in MONTHS that hasn't been spent lying face down dribbling on the couch, here are my offerings earthlings. 
Marie Antoinette has stuck with me all this time and all the blues and pinks and cakes. 
Vintage dress, Anthropology clips and some bag from the dress up box in our house.. oh to be a child. 

It hit me the other day just how much better life would be if we had wings. This picture correlates in no way with the thought BUT DID YOU KNOWWWW? that it was a coincidence. 

Hello Kitty pencils and Salt Water sandals. 

My mum went to Japan and brought me back a few very nice things which I will document later because it felt special, it was before she left with my brother and sister for about 6 weeks. They are back now proving just how neglectful I have been of this dandy blogosphere. These little hard lollies she brought back were so perfect and cute "AND.. YRU CARN ... FI THEM AHHL IN YO MOWF TOGETHA".

Monday, March 18, 2013

Léon: And stop saying "okay" all the time. Okay? Mathilda: Okay. Léon: Good

...and just more pondering about Mathilda

Mathilda: If I win you keep me with you for life.
Léon: And if you lose?
Mathilda: Go shopping alone like before.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

catching up.

I have to admit I held great enjoyment today when I was walking home with my iPod on shuffle and it went from Rihanna to Niel Young to The Smiths. A person can always have their style but for me I like being able to switch from one time zone to another and after reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower I totally aspire to be like Charlie in the moment where he just sits and watches everyone to choose the perfect song for the party and give the perfect mood. 
On a very unrelated not it has recently occurred to me that choosing plane movies is probably one of the most eye opening/stressful tasks humanity have to tackle. It is for me anyway. So many free films (minus the plane fee) at my greasy plane food fingertips and what to choose? 
I think I am close to mastering it. My last plane movie was Leon: The Professional and I literally tried to relive my life as Mathilda from then on. Still, still trying. Plastic cap gun? Nooo, no, I'm a 14 year old assassin. 
She's just so cool. I have even made a couple of black ribbon chokers with wire pendants. Unfortunately year 11 has a huge workload and I love blogging but its hard at the moment. As soon I finish working all I want to do is sleep. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

stream of consciousness.

A week of wanting to post as I try take a breath from school and this is what I have. There is so much I want to post but anyway it'll wait for a more motivated, enthusiastic mood, which will only come if I'm playing You Really Got Me by The Kinks in the background.

I made the necklace out of some cardboard after this Miu Miu one.

"I THINK WE ALL NEED A PEP TALK". Putting great 'all hail Miuccia' notions aside, this kid, 'Kid President', has my vote. This video was played in our school assembly the other day and then arriving home my mum dragged to the computer and I found myself watching the same video again. It's touching and we both watched this dancing, bundle of fun give to us some promising and sentimental messages. And it's the best coming from a kid. People, including myself, forget how we thought when we were younger and how the hour of judgement was whether or not mum saw the C on your report, but basically living was fun, and this kid tells us to remember it. "You got air running through your nose and heartbeat. That means it's time to do something!"
Oh and "Life's not a game people.. and it's not a cereal either. Well.. it is cereal".