Friday, April 19, 2013

red lipstick diaries.

I am too tired to write much right now but in short: love hearts, pearls, hazy pinks and purples, Lolita 1962 and 1997 films, Vogue Italia April 1992, lipstick, hair braids, frills, bubblegum, kitschy things, saddle shoes, sequins and sparkles, cherry coke, lollipops and white socks. 

Lines from the book:
"...huge trees would advance to us to cluster self-consciously by the roadside and provide a bit of humanitarian shade about a picnic table, with sun flecks, flattened paper cups, samaras and discarded ice-cream sticks littering the brown ground"
"She watched the listless pale fountain girl put in the ice, pour in the coke, add the cherry syrup-and my hear was bursting with love ache."
"Some of the red had left stains on her front teeth..."
"-and with a yell of amorous vernal laughter she slapped  the glossy bole and tore uphill, to the end of the street, and then rode back, feet at rest on stopped pedals, posture relaxed, one hand dreaming on her flower-printed lap."

Pearls from Vietnam, DIY 'cool beans' necklace, Anthropology clip.

Topshop sunglasses, Isabel Marant pink top, vintage skirt, bracelet was a gift, Nars lipstick.

White converse, Happy Socks, white Dosa top plus things already mentioned. 


  1. cool collages and skirt!

  2. I love the last picture. and the overall theme.<3

  3. Ooh I needed some collage inspiration (:Your outfit looks awesome. I was going to say it looks "very teenage girl" but in the best possible way! xx

  4. i love, love, love your blog! sweet header and great collages!

  5. Hi Meg,
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    Thanks so much!
    Sienna Kwami Editor-in-Chief
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  6. Your outfit is gorgeous and these collages are lovely :) You've got such a fun blog, definitely following

  7. Wow I love your collages, they are very unique! And of course your outfits are lovely. I'm especially adoring those glasses <3