Monday, April 15, 2013

Lolita, light of my life.

I have had this undying obsession ever since I picked up Lolita (a red squiggly line just appeared under that word and I think I will be writing to the english dictionary as to why it is not acceptable) that my future child must claim this name! (as well as my other children who will be Rainbow-pompom and Apple or whatever those hip celebs are tending these dayz). I have exclaimed this desire to many people so far and generally the reaction is to relate straight back to sexual abuse and maniacs but its just sooooo beautiful. I suppose the narrator is so obsessed with the even just the sound of the name that I have followed suite. Its the name. "Loleeta". And after reading the first page of the novel five times over and turning into a sobbing pathetic mess I confess I loved it. 
A quote I read from Flower's blog reminded me of the painful nostalgia the narrator suffers from which drives his desires:
"Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in Spring" - Vladimir Nabokov
It has just all got me thinking, not really thoughts I cant articulate at the moment.
I'm going to finish it before I watch either of the movies, and I am intending on growing my hair for as long as it takes so that I can where it just like Lo (we r tight, dat's her nickname). 

I took these in another world, as in I cannot remember when and how or anything but they are on my computer so in the only spare time I have had in MONTHS that hasn't been spent lying face down dribbling on the couch, here are my offerings earthlings. 
Marie Antoinette has stuck with me all this time and all the blues and pinks and cakes. 
Vintage dress, Anthropology clips and some bag from the dress up box in our house.. oh to be a child. 

It hit me the other day just how much better life would be if we had wings. This picture correlates in no way with the thought BUT DID YOU KNOWWWW? that it was a coincidence. 

Hello Kitty pencils and Salt Water sandals. 

My mum went to Japan and brought me back a few very nice things which I will document later because it felt special, it was before she left with my brother and sister for about 6 weeks. They are back now proving just how neglectful I have been of this dandy blogosphere. These little hard lollies she brought back were so perfect and cute "AND.. YRU CARN ... FI THEM AHHL IN YO MOWF TOGETHA".


  1. i love Lolita (and all nabokov's books)!it DOES sound beautiful, like a children song, and i think "Lo" is also very cute~

    i'm so jealous, i dream of going to japan since i was a kid!

    your photos are adorable <3

  2. DEWD I love your dress and shoes! I've been wanting to read Lolita for a while. Those candies are way too cute to eat!