Monday, April 22, 2013

Christopher Kane Fall 2013.

I want to say that I always enjoy looking through Christopher Kane, and that there is a prominent message or thread throughout each collection that resonates. I don't want to grant anything with the word 'always' but generally that is how I feel about Christopher Kane. Having a bad day? Well my friend, I'll tell you, go have a browse of some CK, that'll provoke some thought and satisfaction. Galaxy leggings you say? Ahh let me tell you where it all began. BUT (and here it is) I had really mixed feeling about this collection. Firstly it was a total explosion of ideas and work resulting in 60 looks on the runway, and just very different to anything I've seen from him. The first 12 looks had me in a weird trance. I associate Christopher Kane with glassiness, cleanness and childlike qualities and then it was all like FUR, VELVET, FEATHERS AND FLOWERS AND KILTS AND RUFFLES and a big clashing of things and ideas which isn't always bad thing but I appreciated how the collections would have a kind of universal thread. 
There are a lot pieces I like individually and some that I really don't. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. There is so much I am trying to articulate right now but it's not coming out. The the metallicy camo print made an interesting contrast with the structured shapes and bounding appearances of leather and fur. Then it progressed onto witchy velvet dresses which were nice but again nothing as intriguing as what CK has struck before. 
It was looks like this that threw me off that felt more or less like a confusion or combination of Topshop and designer collaborations with jumper scrunched up sleeves and the delicate flowers and skirt. Looking over it again I liked it but it felt like 3 collections thrown together. 
My favourites:
The brain illustration is my favourite part and only in a few of the looks playing with the ideas of Frankenstein from his Spring collection. They are all colourful and you know, bursting with all those parts of our noggins so maybe that was in fact what the collection was about. All of these bursting ideas, colours and aesthetics. 

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  1. The brain is awesome! Cool blog x