Friday, February 15, 2013

stream of consciousness.

A week of wanting to post as I try take a breath from school and this is what I have. There is so much I want to post but anyway it'll wait for a more motivated, enthusiastic mood, which will only come if I'm playing You Really Got Me by The Kinks in the background.

I made the necklace out of some cardboard after this Miu Miu one.

"I THINK WE ALL NEED A PEP TALK". Putting great 'all hail Miuccia' notions aside, this kid, 'Kid President', has my vote. This video was played in our school assembly the other day and then arriving home my mum dragged to the computer and I found myself watching the same video again. It's touching and we both watched this dancing, bundle of fun give to us some promising and sentimental messages. And it's the best coming from a kid. People, including myself, forget how we thought when we were younger and how the hour of judgement was whether or not mum saw the C on your report, but basically living was fun, and this kid tells us to remember it. "You got air running through your nose and heartbeat. That means it's time to do something!"
Oh and "Life's not a game people.. and it's not a cereal either. Well.. it is cereal". 


  1. love the cactus !!!

  2. love the necklace!! i finally have a new post up :)