Tuesday, March 12, 2013

catching up.

I have to admit I held great enjoyment today when I was walking home with my iPod on shuffle and it went from Rihanna to Niel Young to The Smiths. A person can always have their style but for me I like being able to switch from one time zone to another and after reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower I totally aspire to be like Charlie in the moment where he just sits and watches everyone to choose the perfect song for the party and give the perfect mood. 
On a very unrelated not it has recently occurred to me that choosing plane movies is probably one of the most eye opening/stressful tasks humanity have to tackle. It is for me anyway. So many free films (minus the plane fee) at my greasy plane food fingertips and what to choose? 
I think I am close to mastering it. My last plane movie was Leon: The Professional and I literally tried to relive my life as Mathilda from then on. Still, still trying. Plastic cap gun? Nooo, no, I'm a 14 year old assassin. 
She's just so cool. I have even made a couple of black ribbon chokers with wire pendants. Unfortunately year 11 has a huge workload and I love blogging but its hard at the moment. As soon I finish working all I want to do is sleep. 


  1. Never heard or seen the movie but the screencaps make me want to!
    Also, choosing a film to watch on a plane is indeed a very stressful event.
    (Tip: do not watch slow-paced romantic films such as The Notebook unless you want to face the biggest struggle to stay awake you will ever face in your life, haha)

    1. Omg! Firstly agreed, and secondly you cannot watch comedies either, unless you are better and controlling your laughing fits than I am.